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For a long time, mankind has been striving to improve its own good, creating a more cozy and comfortable environment around itself. First our ancestors were sitting on the stones by the fire, after a while the stones were replaced by benches with skins. Having reached our days, once wonderful shops with skins evolved into modern armchairs with the recliner, and the fire migrated to the fireplaces. Strangely enough, but the interior design originated from primitive times and developed together with humanity. Each of you surrounds yourself with interior items, furniture, creating around the situation comfort and coziness, home warmth and tranquility in the home or a situation of stylish and dynamic mood, for effective work in the office.

There is an opinion that the more you pay, the better you will get, but thanks to a few companies, such as ours, which consist of a team of qualified specialists in the field of interior design, furniture production, interior doors and wall panels - we gladly change this opinion. The main goal of our team is to create a high-quality interior, for reasonable money, unlike most companies, aimed only at maximum capitalization at the expense of your funds. Our interior designers, together with our own design office, create and implement incredible projects using modern materials and technologies to create high-quality furniture at an affordable price, custom-made for you.

Office furniture


It's not a secret for everyone, every business is created with one goal - to bring profit to its creator, and nothing else. Just like computers, excavators, people, modern office furniture is part of a mechanism called business. Regardless of the type of company's activity, it is still obliged to organize a workplace for an accountant, put the table to a lawyer, or at least in the office there should be a manager's office, where the most ambitious ideas will emerge.

Our company is not an exception, we earn money, solving the tasks of our clients in the design of the office, the competent and thoughtful arrangement of workplaces and the manufacture of furniture for the staff. The main task of our designers is to carefully study the client's business, its specifics of work, the available business processes in the company. Understanding business, gives us the opportunity to choose the best assortment of furniture for this type of activity. For some offices, whose task is to create a "wow effect" for their customers, it is necessary to make modern designer office furniture, others can only confine themselves to a stylish reception desk at the entrance, and someone does not even care to worry about the beauty of the office and just spend on inexpensive, budget, but quality office furniture.

Many years of experience allow us to think over the necessary furniture layout for you in the office, to develop workplaces for programmers, accountants, lawyers, sales managers and other personnel, taking into account the specifics of each job. We will calculate the necessary number of cabinets for documents, the size of the office kitchen, taking into account the number of staff, we will definitely tell you - where you need to save, and where it should not be done.



Buy furniture in the house is much more difficult than we think at first glance. It seems that everything is extremely simple - choose your favorite bed, wardrobe compartment, chair and buy. But there are a lot of fundamental nuances. The choice of style, within which the interior of the house will be realized, suitable materials for each room, the actual decor, the right color scheme, work with the advantages and disadvantages of the room. This is difficult, and there is no point in dealing with all the nuances to the consumer. It is much more reasonable to entrust this to specialists who will develop an individual interior design and create furniture to order in accordance with the project. This approach will ensure the perfect combination of interior elements. It is also important that designer furniture has a higher quality and aesthetics. Each piece of furniture is designed in such a way that it is functional and organically complements other elements, regardless of whether you need kitchen furniture or children's furniture.



There are many ways to decorate the interior. One of the most effective options is the wall panel. The decor of the house with the help of wall panels has many advantages. The most obvious advantage is the appearance. Wooden wall panels - this is an absolute leader, because they have a unique appearance and decent characteristics. Depending on the processing and color, the wooden panels on the wall can create a completely different mood and style in the interior, so many like them also for their versatility. Do not disregard the fabric and leather panels. Such wall panels in the interior will be appropriate not everywhere, but they will make the premises more expensive and refined, which may be appropriate in the event that they equip the manager's office, for example. 3d panels from gypsum are very popular. They look expensive, but at the same time laconically, they create an interesting interior accent and are absolutely safe. Wall panels can be used as a decor in any room, be it a children's room or a bathroom. The main thing is to choose the right material from which it will be made.



On the interior doors often do not pay attention. Some might think that they do not have any significant influence on the interior, but it's not. Correctly matched, high-quality made-to-order doors can make the premises many times more beautiful and representative. Although this element of the interior is paid little attention, but subconsciously note which door leads to the manager's office, into the living room. The decorative and functional characteristics of the doors play a big role. Wooden doors, for example, always look respectable and expensive. A sliding interior doors can save a lot of space. Therefore, the choice of the door should be based on what conditions the space in which the door will be installed is located and what impression the owner of the room wants to create. Of course, for the bathroom, office space and restaurant will require completely different types of doors. You can contact our company - and we will advise you on which options will be most optimal in your particular case.

Interior items


The style of the interior is not limited to furniture only. Accessories for home and office are important, as they form a general idea of the interior and make it more alive and interesting. Also, the decor can emphasize the status of the owner of the room, regardless of whether it is a house or an office. Wooden wall panels in the head office show its high status, but this is not the only way. A quality floor mirror, custom-made chandeliers and much more will create the right mood in no less effective way. Therefore, you must select the decor carefully and consciously. Individual approach is needed even when you choose a mirror in the bathroom. And for the living room, such nuances are even more important, since this is a reception room. Furniture for the living room should be highlighted with appropriate decorative elements. Just need to consider the purpose of the room. Decor for home and decor for the office have great differences in their style and intensity, which can be forgotten by the owners, but always remember the designers.

Cushioned furniture


Upholstered furniture is needed in any room. Sofas are needed not only in the living room, but also in the reception office, in cafes, restaurants, beauty salons. Buy a sofa is not difficult, but sofas to order are better in many ways. They will fit more organically into the interior of the room, they will correspond to the general style, their appearance will be more interesting and stylish. Upholstered furniture under the order is always a priority among designers, since it is possible to order those sizes that will fit perfectly into the room. Buying a sofa for the kitchen, you can realize your fantasies, acquire something truly original and unique. The leather sofa will look great in the reception office, in the living room and even in the home office. The corner sofa is one of the most popular options, it is used both in the living rooms, in the kitchens, and even in like a bed. Buy soft furniture made to order, a much more profitable and interesting solution than to contact the stores. Upholstered furniture from the array will become an ornament of any house, will please owners with a long service life and high aesthetic and practical characteristics.

Interior Design


The interior plays a big role in how the room is perceived. Office furniture and home furniture play a big role, but it's also important to use them correctly and emphasize the dignity with decor. The original layout of the apartment also requires a special approach. Therefore, to make your house comfortable and beautiful, it is worth to contact interior designers. All interior items should be selected very carefully, with which an ordinary person cannot cope. Our company can offer services regardless of whether you need a children's design or a design house project. The modern interior of an apartment, office, cafe, restaurant - we will cope with any task. A whole department of designers is ready to work on your project and offer topical design ideas. Creating an interior is the service that you should take advantage of if you want one company to work on your apartment. Design of furniture, interior of the house, individual decor - we can completely transform your house.

Cooperation with our company has many advantages. We can completely lead your project, from creating a design project to assembling individual furniture. Cooperate with us or not - your choice. But we can safely say that the factory of exclusive interiors gives you the opportunity to completely delegate the work on the arrangement of your home or office to real professionals.

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